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Bulman Gunleather

Formally founded in 2000 by owner Josh Bulman, Bulman Gunleather is based in Newry, PA. Bulman is a full custom gun holster shop where every holster or accessory is made completely by hand. Like many custom makers, Bulman uses only the best materials and really puts a major emphasis on fit and finish. I would venture to say that Josh's finished holsters are some of the best on the market today.

Bulman THR Holster

I was fortunate enough to have met with Josh Bulman and the late Lou Alessi at a SHOT show a few years ago. Not many know it, Josh and Lou were great friends and seemed to have a deep mutual respect for each other's work. As a matter of fact, Bulman and Tony Kanaly at Milt Sparks are/were the only other holster makers that Lou Alessi allowed to use his patented Talon clips. In addition to that, Massad Ayoob licensed Bulman to continue making a holster that he designed. Ayoob use to have this arraignment with Mitch Rosen, but he evidently decided to switch this arraignment to Bulman.

Josh takes great pride in the quality of his products and does some things that kind of set him apart from some other top level custom makers. For example, instead of using edge dressing or something similar to finish off the outside edges of holsters or accessories, Bulman actually burnishes the edges with various waxes to seal them. In addition, Bulman does outstanding job of boning the holsters for a great fit. The image of the THR holster above is for my personal Glock 30 with rails. Note the weapon details like the accessory rail and take-down latch that were boned into the finish.

Bulman Gun Holster

Bulman produces a number of very nice holster models in various configurations including OWB, IWB, paddle, and pocket. Having owned a number of Bulman models, my favorites are the THR (The High Ride), the QRH (Quick Release Holster), and the PDC (Professional Dual Clip).

Unfortunately, it will take time to get a Bulman holster. At the time of this writing, Josh had stopped taking orders to try to catch up with the backlog, which was running around 12 months.

If you want a Bulman, you'll either need to be prepared to wait for quite awhile or grab a used one somewhere. Here are a couple used ones that are currently available: 


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